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Megadeth: Dystopia Album Review

 Hey, whats up guys? So I've finally gotten to listen to all of Megadeth's new album, Dystopia, and let it all sink in, so I've decided to review it. So overall, Dystopia is much, much heavier album than its predecessor, Super Collider (which happens to be one of Megadeth's worst outputs, right up there with Risk). Here's the review track by track:

1. The Threat is Real: This track is really cool. The main riff kinda sounds somewhat like A new Level from Pantera. Chris Adler (from Lamb of God)'s  drumming on this album makes it sound very thrashy, especially on this track. I give this one an 8/10.

2. Dystopia: This is the least heavy track on the album. The riff is somewhat lacking, but the awesome guitar solos near the end of the song make up for it. I'd give it a 6.9/10

3.Fatal Illusion: My personal favorite song on the album.  The intro has a very neat Sabbathy kind of sound to it, which actually makes Megadeth sound much more gruff. The chorus also kind of sounds like Hook In Mouth from the So far, so good, so what album. I give this one a 10/10.

4. Death from Within: This one sounds pretty good. It also has some interesting lyrics from Dave Mustaine. I give it a 9/10.

5. Bullet to The Brain: I don't have much to say about this song, it has it all, good riff, intruiging lyrics, and awesome rhythm. I give it a 9.5/10.

6. Post American World: This song has a very typical Megadeth theme. The lyrics are very true about our country, and the guitar work is good. This ones a 8.5/10.

7. Poisonous Shadows: Has a really cool piano part in it, that surprisingly makes it sound even more heavy. The lyrics and guitar riffin' aren't bad as well. 8/10.

8. Look Who's Talking: Eh, this track was okay. The guitar work and lyrics were nothing groundbreaking, but they didn't sound bad. 7.2/10.

9. Lying in State: This is an instrumental. This album and So Far So Good So what? have lots of similarities. An instrumental, a punk cover, and a Hook in Mouth - like song. This song is pretty cool, also being the fastest song on the whole album. 9/10.

10. The Emperor: The angriest song on the whole album.The lyrics are great with lines like "You make me sick/you prick". The riff however, sounds a little more hard rock like. 9.6/10

11. Foreign Policy: A cover from the L.A. hardcore band FEAR. Personally, FEAR have never been one of my favorite punk bands, but this cover is really cool. I actually prefer it over Megadeth's cover of Anarchy in The U.K. from the Sex Pistols. 8/10.

As the palaces burn

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Announcement #1

Hey whats up guys. So I'm gonna be posting some videos of me playing guitar as often as possible. So here are some of the songs that I'll be playing:

Circle Jerks - Making the Bombs
Anthrax - Indians
Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown
Misfits - I turned Into A Martian
OFF! - Wiped Out
Suicidal Tendencies - War Inside My Head

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Black Label

Here's an awesome video of Lamb Of God playing "Black Label" live.

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My Favorite Song Of All time

Hey guys so here's my favorite song ever its I wanna get a Mohawk from AFI hope you like it.

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Top 10 Pantera Songs

#10:Revolution Is My Name (as heard on Reinventing The Steel)
Though Reinventing The Steel wasn't Pantera's greatest album, it featured some great Dimebag guitar parts, such as the intro to "Revolution is my Name". In some parts of the song, it almost sounds like a good 'ol Black Sabbath track (specifically the chorus in "Iron Man"). This is probably the best song from Pantera's final album.

#9: Drag The Waters (as heard on The Great Southern Trendkill)
 TGST is probably Pantera's most progressive    album,featuring many tracks unlike anything the band had   ever done before. However, the most pre-TGST like song on Pantera's ambitious penultimate album has to be "Drag the Waters". It has a simple down-tuned guitar riff, and lots of awesome screaming from singer Phil Anselmo. The only thing unusual (at the time) about Dimebag's guitar work on this track was the cool guitar solo near the end of song. While usually a Dimebag solo would be played at a blistering breakneck speed while the rest of the band would keep up the rhythm, this one was played slowly, and the band stopped playing when Dime played his solo. This song also has very dark lyrics written by Anselmo who(at the time) was going through an addiction.

#8: Becoming (as heard on Far Beyond Driven)
Far beyond driven was Pantera's angriest, most aggresive,  most brutal album. If you had to sum up the album in one song, that song would be "Becoming". Why? It has an awesome groove, an insanely heavy riff, double bass drum carnage, and dark lyrics about Anselmo's childhood, in which he tells about his youth as if it was a time of neglect and bitterness. This track also has a great solo from Dimebag as he unleashed his amazing guitar powers with effects to make it even more awesome sounding, resulting in one of his heaviest solos ever played. 

#7: Mouth For War (as heard on Vulgar Display of Power)
The opening track from Pantera's second post-glam album has one of Dimebag's best riffs. Interestingly however, it's opening riff was written by singer Phil Anselmo. "Mouth For War" contains probably the best opening vocal lines in Pantera's entire career ("Revenge! I'm Screaming Revenge again!"). If you listen to the lyrics in the song, you'll actually find the most positive message in any Pantera song. The lyrics are about taking negative energy and anger, and turning it into something positive. Near the end of the song, the band picks up the pace until the song breaks and the next song, "A new Level" starts.

#6: Floods (as heard on The Great Southern Trendkill)
As I said in #9, TGST was Pantera's most progressive album. One of its most progressive tracks was "Floods". The song was heavy and slow at the same time, with uneasy sounding arpeggios and intruiging lyrics from Anselmo. The highlight of this song has to be it's guitar solo near the end of the song, which is arguably the best guitar solo Dimebag ever played in his entire career. Strangely, in the chorus, Anselmo addapts an extremely high, almost feminine sounding voice. This is the best song off of TGST. 

#5: Five Minutes alone (as heard on Far Beyond Driven)
On the first two tracks in Far Beyond Driven, Pantera played at a breakneck, thrashy pace, and then on track three, "Five Minutes alone", the band played in a way that would probably seem more suited to their previous album, Vulgar Display of Power. The main riff is a little bit brighter sounding compared to the previous two tracks, but towards the end of the song Dimebag addapts an extremely heavy, awesome riff.  The lyrics actually have a hilarious backstory, but that's another story for another time. 

#4: Cowboys From Hell (as heard on Cowboys From Hell)
The title track from Pantera's epic first post-glam album is arguably the most groove-heavy on the album. Strangely, the band almost considered removing it from the album; they thought it was too "commercial". This song also gave Pantera their nickname, the "cowboys from hell". Though it's certainly not the heaviest track on it's parent album, its definitely not the worst.

#3: I'm Broken (as heard on Far Beyond Driven)
This heavy track from a heavy album has an epic riff. It starts out on a single line, and then moves on the chords. Phil Anselmo's lyrics to "I'm Broken" are actually not what many would think they are about. They were written around the time Anselmo started getting excruciating back pain, so he wrote lyrics about it. Ironically however, many Pantera fans believe it is about emotional pain, when it isn't; its about physical pain. 

#2: Cemetery Gates (as heard on Cowboys From Hell)
"Cemetery Gates" is the closest Pantera will ever get to Metallica's "One". Its starts out slow, and then in the chorus it gets heavy, and at the end, it gets even heavier. The guitar solo is very epic, and the lyrics about having a dead loved one are very interesting. This also happens to be the longest song Pantera ever recorded, at around 7 minutes long. 

#1: Walk (as heard on Vulgar Display of Power)
"Walk" is simply the best Pantera song ever recorded. It's riff is perfect, the lyrics are aggressive, the groove is... ...well, "groovy", and the guitar solo is a piece of pure awesomeness. This is metal at its best and it is the most definitive Pantera track. Pantera have played many fantastic songs, but "Walk" is one like no other. 

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  Me riffin' on a badass Jackson Rhoads V at guitar center
Here's a video of me playing "Cathedral", by Augustin Barrios.

My Favorite Metal album of all Time

This is my favorite Metal album of all time as well. Reply and tell me what yours is if you can.

My Favorite Punk Album of All Time

Hey guys so this is my favorite punk album of all time, Shut Your Mouth and Open your Eyes, from AFI. Tell me, whats yours?

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Going to see these guys with Anthrax next month!