Sunday, September 18, 2016

Album Review: The Agrarian Curse

Album: The Agrarian Curse
Band: Peregrine
Genre: Death Metal
Year of Release: 2008
Duration: 30:23
Label: F.C. Records
Rating: 7.6/10

     The only album by the "Anarcho-Primitivist" Death Metal band from Pennsylvania is somewhat mixed. The album has some great, intense heavy songs such as "Blood Over Borders", and "When the Lights Go Out". But at the same time, it has some boring, cliche, and typical Death Metal tracks such as "Amor Fati" and "The Domesticator's Hand". The strong moments on this album are very strong, and the weak moments are very weak. The production is also quite mixed. On some songs, it sounds good, and on others it sounds like the disc is skipping. Getting to the actual band, the overall presentation and instrumentation is great. There are plenty of heavy, banging riffs on this album, especially on "Blood Over Borders". The drums also have plenty of blast beats, which is awesome. The vocal performance is also pretty good, as the singer has a half James Hetfield, Half Cookie monster type sound similar to Sepultura's Max Cavalera. The lyrics are also very good, with Discharge style nihilism about politics. The album actually opens with a spoken word, which is actually pretty interesting if you listen to it. If you are looking for a decent underground Death Metal band, then I would probably recommend "The Agrarian Curse".

Strongest Tracks: "Anatomy of the Machine", "Starvation's Servants", "Blood over Borders", "When the Lights Go out", "Empire's Playground"

Weakest Tracks: "The Domesticator's Hand", "Thirteen Days", "Amor Fati"