Sunday, August 28, 2016

Album Review: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Album: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Band: Black Sabbath
Genre: Heavy Metal, Doom Metal
Year of Release: 1974
Duration: 42:35
Label: Warner Bros.
Rating: 9.0/10

Black Sabbath's most experimental album is a fantastic piece of sludgey, doomy, heavy metal goodness. Nearly every song is fantastic in its own special way. There is lots of experimentation, as well as diversity on this album. There are the usual typical Doom Metal masterpieces you'd get from an early Sabbath album, such as "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and "Killing Yourself to live." There is a classical-inspired instrumental, which is "Fluff". There are even vocal harmonies on tracks like "A National Acrobat" and "Looking for Today." The album is near perfect. The best moment of it has to be the title track. The lyrics are about alienation, and the riff is heavy and awesome. The chorus is catchy and memorable, and then there is the heavy doomy part near the end of the song. This is the best moment on the entire album, as the rhythm suddenly shifts and gives a slower, sludgier, and darker vibe. This part just sounds so evil, and epic. The second track, "A National Acrobat" is also an awesome song. The lyrics are interesting, and the riff reminds me a lot of an early Iron Maiden song. This song is rather experimental, as it is a bit more mellow and has a vocal harmony in the chorus. "Fluff" is a relaxing instrumental that at first seems odd, but gets better with each listen. "Sabra Cadabra" is a great song, as it seems more a hard rock type track, but with a dark Sabbathy vibe to it.  There is a rather interesting guitar effect on "Who are you" that sounds almost electronic, but still very heavy and doomy. "Looking for Today" has a very memorable melody to it in the chorus, which seems very bright for a Black Sabbath song, but it somehow works on an album as experimental as this one. The closing track, "A Spiral Architect" is simply a classic. The album cover is amazing, as it depicts a man being assaulted by demons in a dark way. Overall, this album is just awesome.

Strongest Tracks: All of Them