Sunday, July 24, 2016

Album Review: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

Album: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Band: Discharge
Genre: Hardcore Punk, D-Beat
Year of Release: 1982
Duration: 27:36
Label: Havoc Records
Rating: 9.5/10

    Discharge's debut album may be a classic album, it may be one of the most important and influential albums in punk history, but it is still an insanely underrated album. You hear everywhere that it is an extremely heavy album, and that it had a huge influence on extreme metal. If you crank up the album and forget about extreme subgenres of music, this is a very heavy, dark album. The lyrics may be simple, but they are incredible. For example, the lyrics to the title tracks are "Lied to, threatened, cheated and deceived, hear nothing see nothing say nothing." That's it, but it has such a huge statement with the dark sounding lyrics. Cal Morris's vocal performance on the album is very good, as he sounds like one of the muppets. The guitar riffs are incredibly simple, but they add new vibe to the album. The chorus riff to "Protest and Survive" is very good. The guitar solos do feel like filler though, and they tend to throw off the bass and drum lines. The drumming on this album has to be the best on any punk album ever. The drum intro to the title track just sounds so brutal, but also flamboyant in a Sex Pistols type way. The bass lines are about the same as the guitar, just more quiet. However, the fast bass intro to "The Final Blood Bath" is very heavy. Just the names of the songs on this album are dark and abrasive, like "The Blood Runs Red", "Drunk with Power", and "The Nightmare Continues." One thing that I enjoy about this album a lot is that there are no tracks that need to be skipped; every song is fantastic. If you like heavier and darker punk, then buy this album right now.

Strongest Tracks: All of them

Weakest Tracks: None