Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Album Review: City Baby Attacked by Rats

Album: City Baby Attacked by Rats
Band: Charged GBH
Genre: Street Punk 
Year of Release: 1982
Duration: 35:06
Label: Clay Records
Rating: 8.0/10

      GBH's debut album is, along with Discharge's Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing and The Exploited's Punks Not Dead, considered to be one of the greatest UK82 albums. and it is nothing short of that. In my opinion, it is a step above The Exploited, but a step below Discharge. In fact, if you combined the original Punk bands, the Exploited and Discharge this is what you would get. It has the catchy sound of classic punk, the grimy and nasty vibe and lyrics of the Exploited and the brutal drumming and simple yet good guitar riffs of Discharge. The songs on here are incredibly catchy and have repetitive choruses that stick in your head in a good way. The songs on here aren't groundbreaking and super serious, but that doesn't mean that they are bad. They are simple joys that can appeal to any fan of good punk rock. I also think it is quite amusing that the band's singer sounds like a younger and less muppet sounding Cal Morris from Discharge  The album art is great, as it is based off of the lyrics to the title track. You would think that the title track would be about a snotty rich girl getting mugged, but it is literally about an infant getting eaten up by rodents. This is a fantastic example of violent humor in a nasty, awesome misfits sort of way in a punk song. If you like all around good punk rock, then this album is for you.

Strongest Tracks: "Timebomb", "Sick Boy", "Maniac", "I am Hunted", "Passenger on the Menu", "City Baby Attacked by Rats", "Bellend Bop"

Weakest Tracks: "Boston Babies", "War Dogs"