Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Album Review: City Baby Attacked by Rats

Album: City Baby Attacked by Rats
Band: Charged GBH
Genre: Street Punk 
Year of Release: 1982
Duration: 35:06
Label: Clay Records
Rating: 8.0/10

      GBH's debut album is, along with Discharge's Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing and The Exploited's Punks Not Dead, considered to be one of the greatest UK82 albums. and it is nothing short of that. In my opinion, it is a step above The Exploited, but a step below Discharge. In fact, if you combined the original Punk bands, the Exploited and Discharge this is what you would get. It has the catchy sound of classic punk, the grimy and nasty vibe and lyrics of the Exploited and the brutal drumming and simple yet good guitar riffs of Discharge. The songs on here are incredibly catchy and have repetitive choruses that stick in your head in a good way. The songs on here aren't groundbreaking and super serious, but that doesn't mean that they are bad. They are simple joys that can appeal to any fan of good punk rock. I also think it is quite amusing that the band's singer sounds like a younger and less muppet sounding Cal Morris from Discharge  The album art is great, as it is based off of the lyrics to the title track. You would think that the title track would be about a snotty rich girl getting mugged, but it is literally about an infant getting eaten up by rodents. This is a fantastic example of violent humor in a nasty, awesome misfits sort of way in a punk song. If you like all around good punk rock, then this album is for you.

Strongest Tracks: "Timebomb", "Sick Boy", "Maniac", "I am Hunted", "Passenger on the Menu", "City Baby Attacked by Rats", "Bellend Bop"

Weakest Tracks: "Boston Babies", "War Dogs"

"Kill the Poor"


Room Tour

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Album Review: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

Album: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Band: Discharge
Genre: Hardcore Punk, D-Beat
Year of Release: 1982
Duration: 27:36
Label: Havoc Records
Rating: 9.5/10

    Discharge's debut album may be a classic album, it may be one of the most important and influential albums in punk history, but it is still an insanely underrated album. You hear everywhere that it is an extremely heavy album, and that it had a huge influence on extreme metal. If you crank up the album and forget about extreme subgenres of music, this is a very heavy, dark album. The lyrics may be simple, but they are incredible. For example, the lyrics to the title tracks are "Lied to, threatened, cheated and deceived, hear nothing see nothing say nothing." That's it, but it has such a huge statement with the dark sounding lyrics. Cal Morris's vocal performance on the album is very good, as he sounds like one of the muppets. The guitar riffs are incredibly simple, but they add new vibe to the album. The chorus riff to "Protest and Survive" is very good. The guitar solos do feel like filler though, and they tend to throw off the bass and drum lines. The drumming on this album has to be the best on any punk album ever. The drum intro to the title track just sounds so brutal, but also flamboyant in a Sex Pistols type way. The bass lines are about the same as the guitar, just more quiet. However, the fast bass intro to "The Final Blood Bath" is very heavy. Just the names of the songs on this album are dark and abrasive, like "The Blood Runs Red", "Drunk with Power", and "The Nightmare Continues." One thing that I enjoy about this album a lot is that there are no tracks that need to be skipped; every song is fantastic. If you like heavier and darker punk, then buy this album right now.

Strongest Tracks: All of them

Weakest Tracks: None

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Lamb of god Sacrament Album Review

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Album Review: Number of the Beast

Album: The Number of the Beast
Band: Iron Maiden
Genre: Classic Metal
Year of Release: 1982
Duration: 44:56
Label: Sanctuary
Rating: 9.8/10

    The Number of the Beast is not only a bona-fide classic metal album, but an absolutely freaking fantastic one. From the sound of an F power chord striking like thunder in the intro to "Invaders" to at-the-time new guy Bruce Dickinson's wailing at the end of "Hallowed be Thy Name", this is an extremely enjoyable album. The production is solid, but the bass is a little bit too loud. However, this isn't much of a problem, since Steve Harris one of the key reasons Iron Maiden sounds the way they do. The songs are just so catchy, and they're somewhat progressive, but they don't drag on forever like they do on Maiden's newer albums. Bruce Dickinson's vocals are spot on, and while I like (previous Iron Maiden singer) Paul Di'anno, Dickinson is much better;his voice is much more memorable. The melodies on this album are really good, especially on the chorus to "The Prisoner" and the classic "Run to the Hills". The guitar work is fantastic, as it is very prominent, but it also works around Steve Harris's trademark gallopy bass lines. Every song on here is flawless, with the exception of the penultimate track "Gangland". Its not that its a bad song, its just not as memorable as songs like "Number of the Beast" or "Children of the Damned". The lyrical content on this album is also much darker than Maiden's later work.  Just listen to the lyrics to "22 Arcadia Avenue" or "Children of the Damned" and you'll see what I mean. Overall, this is a fan-freaking-tastic album that every metalhead, casual or hardcore should own. If you say you like metal and you don't own this, I don't know what to say to you. This album is to metal what pizza is to Italian food.

Strongest Tracks: "Invaders", "Children of the Damned", "The Prisoner", "22 Arcadia Avenue", "Number of the Beast", "Run to the Hills", "Hallowed  Be thy Name"

Weakest Tracks: "Gangland"

This is a great hidden Gem from Megadeth

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Alternate Band Names

Lamb of God = Sheep of Jesus

Black Flag = Dark Banner

Gorilla Biscuits = Monkey Cookies

Minor Threat = Underage Warning

Misfits = Outcasts

Germs = Bacteria

Led Zeppelin = Lead Blimp

Bad Brains = Evil Craniums

Youth Brigade = Adolescence Battalion

Suicidal Tendencies = Self Killing propensity

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Top 5 favorite album covers

#5: The Cramps Bad Music for Bad People

     This is a simply awesome album cover to look at. The sinister yet cartoonish looking image of a man with a half pompadour, half mohawk symbolizing  the merging of punk and rockabilly to create psychobilly. Even if you dislike this album cover, just look at all of the minuscule detail put into it in the man's hair and facial features. The album cover perfectly sums up the album which lies inside: nasty, campy, and just amazing. In fact, I have a   t-shirt with the album cover that I have worn so many times to the point of it being faded from a dark black to a musty dark grey. I even got into the cramps because I found this album cover so eye catching, so I checked out the band, and sure enough, they were fantastic.

#4: Minor Threat Out of Step

    This is simply a work of pure art. Symbolizing a person who is "out of step with the world" with a black sheep is simply genius. The symbolism is fantastic, and I have the black sheep as my google profile picture (and do not plan on changing it anytime soon). This album may not be as great as Minor Threat's earlier work, but its album cover is simply amazing. Though it looks very simple, this album cover conveys a very strong meaning. Though the title track that the album artwork is based off of may be about straight edge,  the artwork symbolizes a straight edge person... ...and much more. This is an album cover I cannot forget.

#3: Lamb of God As the Palaces Burn

The first time I saw this album cover, I had no idea what it was, but I knew it looked awesome. After about half an hour of research, I discovered it was the shroud of turan covered in blood splatters and all sorts of machinery surrounding it. From what I've read, I can't find what the meaning behind this is from the internet, but In my own opinion I think it represents the downfall of humanity because of technology (you can do the thinking yourself, as this takes a while to explain. This meaning makes the album cover look even cooler, as it makes it seem sort of apocalyptic in a way. I really enjoy this album cover.

#2: Iron Maiden Number of the Beast

    I remember seeing this album cover at a young age and thinking that it simply looked awesome. Its nothing serious and super arty like the previous album covers on this list, it just looks really cool with Eddie possessing the devil. Like entry #5, I have a badass t shirt of the album cover of this, and I've scared many stupid uptight old people with it. This album is one of the best metal albums, and also one of the best metal album covers. It doesn't need to be super gory or scary to be cool, it just needs to look cool, and this album artwork is beyond cool. There really isn't much left to say about this album cover other than... um.. 666! THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST!!!

#1: Black Flag My War

      Not only is this one of my favorite albums of all time, but the album cover is just as good, if not better. There is a very interesting and easy to pick up meaning behind this album cover if you've listened to the title track. The smiling pig looking man is obviously "one of them", and the hand with the knife is probably Henry Rollins. This album's artwork is just as intense as the album, as it is dark and personal, just like any other Raymond Pettibon piece of art. When I listen to this album, I like to just stare at the album cover, and for some reason it seems to enhance the albums meaning. I love this album cover.

Friday, July 8, 2016