Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Album Review: All Hallows EP

Album: All Hallows EP
Band: AFI
Genre: Horror Punk
Year of Release: 1999
Duration: 13:02
Label: Nitro Records
Rating: 8.9/10

    The All Hallows EP is easily AFI's best EP. It has everything you need for a great EP in a punk band: an epic intro, an awesome cover from a band they were influenced by, a catchy song, and a rage-filled thrasher at the end. When you hear the dark and ominous sounding opening notes to "Fall Children", you know that you are in for something awesome. Then you hear singer Davey Havok let out a long scream and the band breaks into a fast, exploding riff. By the end of the song, you are begging for more as you hear a music box slowly end the song. The cover of "Halloween" from the Misfits is fantastic. It is a lot faster, and AFI put their own spin on it. My one complaint about this album is on this track, and its not the song, its the ending. After the last chord is played, you get about two minutes worth of just quiet noise and a harp being played, which wasn't in the original song. The first song on side two, "The Boy who Destroyed the World" is the weakest track on the album, but its not a bad track at all. Its the most melodic number on the album, and the chorus will stick in your head for days at times, but its not as memorable as the closing track. "Totalimmortal" is hands down AFI's best song. It has a kick ass riff, lots of screaming, a semi-independent bass line, and just a great chorus. Moving on to packaging, the album cover is really cool and it suits the album very well. If you have vinyl like I do, then its on orange vinyl, which looks and sounds awesome. AFI's All Hallows EP is not an EP worth skipping.  

Strongest Tracks: "Fall Children", "Halloween", "Totalimmortal"

Weakest Track: "The Boy Who Destroyed the World"