Saturday, May 28, 2016

Album Review: Repeater + 3 songs

Album:Repeater (+ 3 Songs)
Band: Fugazi
Genre: Post Hardcore
Duration: 42:41
Rating: 8.2/10

   Though Fugazi's debut album may not have major anthems such as "Waiting Room" or "Margin Walker", but in my opinion it is Fugazi's best album. Since I am reviewing the CD version, I will also include the bonus EP 3 Songs. This album is mainly great because of it's strong melodies in songs like "Turnover". The guitar parts are flashy, but not in a show-offy hard rock way, they are just very prominent, as are the bass lines. Interestingly, the bass lines sound more upbeat, while the guitar parts are darker sounding, which creates Fugazi's signature sound. Guy Picciotto and Ian Mackaye's vocals are very good as well, and they add an essential element to the melodies in the songs. The drumming is very funk inspired, as it is very rhythmic and not just a human metronome. The lyrics on the album are very poetic and intriguing, because they usually mean what you wouldn't think they do. In particular, the lyrics to (my personal favorite track on the album) "Shut the Door" are very perplexing. 3 Songs pretty much sounds exactly like Repeater, except the songs are a tad bit more rhythmic and percussive, especially in the song "Song #1". The production on both the album and the EP is great, because i is perfectly clear, and it is nearly flawless. Overall, Repeater + 3 Songs is a fantastic album and should appeal to any kind of music fan due to its attracting sound.

Strongest Tracks: "Turnover", "Repeater", "Merchandise", "Blueprint", "Shut the Door", "Greed". "Song #1", "Break in"

Weakest Tracks: "Joe #1", "Brendan #1",