Monday, May 9, 2016

Album Review: Gorilla Biscuits EP

Album: Gorilla Biscuits
Band: Gorilla Biscuits
Genre: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge Punk
Duration: 11:17 (without bonus tracks)
Rating: 8.0/10

  GB's debut EP has many great moments on it. The band sounds very raw and angry on this recording. They definitely sound much more punk on this EP than on their album Start Today, which has more of a crossover thrash influence. The vocals are good, but there is an occasional cringe when CIV's voice cracks as he hits a higher note or screams (the guys in this band were really young when they recorded this EP). The guitar riffs are really cool, especially on "Big Mouth" and "Hold Your Ground". The bass line on "High Hopes" is also really catchy. The one track on this album that I feel is pointless however is "GM2". The song is only a few seconds long, and it is an instrumental. The bonus songs are okay, but the demo tracks at the end are very interesting, because you get to see the songs in a more skeletal, even more raw form. The album cover is very funny, as it has a gorilla in a sports jacket standing in the middle of a street.  The production is very perplexing, because if you put it on a cheaper sound quality player, it sounds like crap. But if you put it on a better CD player with better headphones, the production sounds very cool and it adds a whole new tone to some of the songs. Overall, this is not an EP to forget when you don't have much time to listen to music.

Strongest Tracks: "High Hopes", "Big Mouth", "Hold Your Ground", "Finish what you Started"

Weakest Tracks: "GM2", "Sitting Around at Home"