Sunday, April 17, 2016

Album Review: Suicidal Tendencies

Album: Suicidal Tendencies
Band: Suicidal Tendencies
Genre: Crossover Thrash, Thrash Metal, Skate Punk
Duration: 28:17  
Rating: 8.9/10

 Suicidal's first album is one of the greatest crossover albums out there. From Mike Muir's psychopathic laugh in the intro to the album, to him ranting about being institutionalized by his parents, to a humorous description of his (they sound too cliche and comical to be real) suicide attempts, this album is amazingly entertaining. The centerpiece on this album is obviously "Institutionalized". Why? Because it is angry, hilarious, and surreal at the same time. The lyrics are great ("ALL I WANTED WAS A PEPSI!"). However, there are so many songs on this album that are just as good, if not better. "Subliminal" has a catchy melody, a great guitar riff, and the lyrics are great about the government experimenting on people with subliminal messages. "I Shot the Devil" is really great as well. The song is chock full of violent humor, as is "I saw your Mommy". The guitar riff is very thrashy, and so are the drums. The tone and the production on this album is fantastic as well. There are way too many things to complement on this album, so overall, just buy this album if you like any form of Punk or Metal or just rock in general.

Strongest Tracks: "Suicide's an Alternative", "I Shot the Devil", "Subliminal", "Institutionalized", "I want More", "Suicidal Failure"

Weakest Tracks: "Fascist Pig", "Possessed"