Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Album Review: GI

Album: GI
Band: The Germs
Genre: Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk
Length: 38:29
Rating: 8.7/10

   GI is the first (and only) studio album ever released 
 by the L.A. punk band The Germs. Not that the production on the album is perfect, but it is much clearer than most punk records, Joan Jett's production is fantastic. It sounds thin, but in a great way. Darby Crash's throaty growling and roaring is fantastic, and Pat Smear's guitar riffs are both catchy and aggressive at the same time. The drumming by Don Bolles is maniacal, and the bass lines cushion the guitar riffs perfectly. The lyrical content is typical Germs stuff, political and Rebellious ("Lexicon Devil"; "Communist Eyes"), and sometimes a little bit nihilistic ("We must Bleed"). The album is a great length for a punk album, clocking in at nearly 40 minutes. Hell, The Germs have one of the longest punk songs ever recorded with "Shut Down". GI will leave any punk fan begging for more!

Strongest songs: "What We Do is Secret", "Communist Eyes", "Ritchie Dagger's Crime", "Manimal", "Lexicon Devil". "We Must Bleed"

Weakest Songs: "Shut Down"