Saturday, March 5, 2016

My top 5 punk/hardcore bands of all time

#5: Suicidal Tendencies
    Suicidal may have became thrash metal later on in their career, but their early work is absolutely freaking amazing. Mike Muir's humorously psychopathic charm really drew me in, with his evil laughter and with lines like "ALL I WANTED WAS A PEPSI! JUST ONE PEPSI! AND SHE WOULDN'T"T GIVE IT TO ME! JUST A PEPSI!" I mean, how many bands who take themselves seriously sing about wanting a Pepsi? However, the band also has some very serious songs that I enjoy a lot, such as "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow" and some really inspirational songs like "You Can't Bring Me Down". Suicidal has always had guitar riffs that could even compete with bands like Metallica, and that is what I say is the mark of a good band. Think I'm crazy? You wouldn't know crazy if Charles Manson was eating fruit loops on your front porch!(*as heard in the Suicidal Tendencies song You Can't Bring me Down).

#4: The Misfits
   The Misfits were the second punk band that I ever discovered. The first song I ever heard from them was "Halloween" after hearing AFI cover it. Not long after, I listened to Walk Among Us. It took me a few days for Danzig's eerie howl to grow on me, and eventually I became a full on... ...well, a full on "fiend". I love how the misfits are an angry band, but their song lyrics aren't really meant to be taken seriously, so you don't have to be able to relate to their songs to listen to them and rage while pissed off. The band has a lot of great melodic hooks, which is a sign of a great punk band. I also think that they have a lot of great riffs, even though Doyle isn't the greatest guitar player in the world. As much as I love the Danzig era of the Misfits, I enjoy the Michael Graves era of the band as well, and American Psycho was the first Misfits CD I ever bought. While Danzig sounds like an evil demonic Elvis, Graves is like a murderous psychopath. Ugh, I really don't like the new Jerry only fronted era of the band though, because I feel like he's just trying to make the Misfits a band that they would play at halloween parties in preschools or something, which is the opposite of what the misfits used to be. Otherwise, The Misfits kick major arse.
#3: Minor Threat 
  Minor Threat were the band that made me 100% straight edge.I love their angry lyrics and guitar riffs. Ian McKaye was a fantastically awesome front man who did lots of yelling, but didn't overkill it with anger. I loved this band ever since I heard the opening lines to "Filler". It's such a shame that Minor Threat broke up after such a short career, because I really liked their music (mostly their early material). Minor Threat are the reason that straight edge was created, which I really appreciate, even though I discovered straight edge from AFI. Their lyrics were so inspirational for me; their message was very real. Minor Threat were always Innovators, not like their many imitators. That is why I appreciate them so much, as a punk rocker and a straight edge person.

#2: Black Flag
   I have been a loyal Black Flag fan ever since I heard "My War". I could relate to the lyrics so easily. I got the album, enjoyed it, and then got Damaged about a week later. The band was so hardcore compared to what I was listening to (the Ramones) at the time! Henry Rollins was such a badass vocalist; he always sounded like he was being tortured, making Black Flag sound even darker. He had such an energy and attitude that many other hardcore singers have had tried to imitate, but can't do. Rollins made Black Flag such an amazing band, and also scary as hell for their time. I also really liked the Keith Morris era of Black Flag, because it sounded like the definitive snot nosed L.A. punk of the early 1980s. Another member of the band I liked the sound of was guitarist Greg Ginn. He was a punk guitarist, but he could play and solo really well. The whole band overall was amazing and I will always be a huge Black Flag fan. 

#1: AFI
   AFI were the first punk band I ever got into. I love Davey Havok's vocals, because they sound so different from everything else in punk and hardcore. Mark Stopholese (Whom I think is a really underrated ex-member of AFI) always sounded great on AFI's early work. His replacement, Jade Pudget, is pretty cool too. Hunter Burgan is actually one of the best sounding bass players I've ever heard as well. Unfortunately though, the band isn't very good nowadays with their different sound. Their old albums sound so good though. My favorite has to be Shut Your Mouth and Open your Eyes. AFI is also my favorite band to listen to while angry.

Well, that's it guys. Thanks for reading.