Monday, March 7, 2016

Album Review: The Crew

Band: 7 Seconds
Album: The Crew
Genre: Melodic Hardcore, Punk Rock, Straight Edge 
Duration: 30 minutes (Exactly!)
Year of Release: 1984
Rating: 8.2/10
    The Crew is a fantastic half hour of fun punk rock from 7 Seconds. The production isn't the greatest, especially on the guitars, which are very quiet. But that doesn't drag the album down that much, because its not the production, its the songs. The lyrics are really great, as are Kev Seconds' vocals. "Young 'Till I Die" is easily one of the greatest straight edge anthems ever made. The songs on this album are really fun, because they are fast, intense but melodic, have hooks, and stick in your head. The great thing about 7 Seconds is that they are angry, but they break that stereotype of screaming in angry music. This band is also very intelligent; they aren't one of those punk bands that's all like "I hate Cops". 7 Seconds have more reasoning, like in the song "Boss", with lines such as "Why is everything you say right? Why is everything I do wrong?" I would recommend this album to any kind of punk fan, casual or hardcore.

Best Songs: "Here's Your Waning", "Young 'Till I Die", "Not Just Boys fun", "Trust", "What if There's a war in America"

Weakest Songs: "This is the angry part 2", "Red and Black"