Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Original Album cover for Killing is my buisiness looks so low budget!

The NOT man looks like my P.E. teacher

LOL I love how Dave Mustaine is here

It would be great if Metallica had Dave AND Kirk

Heres what the original crimson ghost looked like


The Germs are easily the most underrated hardcore band

I feel like every hardore band does something like this, but this looks awesome!

"Chicken's good for the mind!"

What the hell?! This is the best thing ever!

Black Flag "Revenge"

This is one of my favorite Black Flag songs.

The intro to this song is awesome!

Monday, March 28, 2016

I Wish AFI still had merch like this

I have all of these except for the last two

I envy whoever has all of these!

This Song makes me laugh

Heres a great angry song

"Boiling Point" by SSD.

Two Great bands combined

I really like the album cover to Sturm Und Drang

Static age full cover

I always hate how the album cover to static age doesn't have the whole picture. Here it is:

Master of Puppets live

Friday, March 25, 2016


Thumbs up to Geezer Butler!

Minor Threat hot sauce

...um, delicious?

Youth of Today "Break Down the Walls"

This song is very cool.

Album Review: Earth A.D.

Album: Earth A.D.
Band: The Misfits
Genre: Hardcore Punk, Horror Punk
Duration: 21:08
Rating: 8.2/10

    Though it may not be the Misfits strongest album, Earth A.D. is a fantastically dark, evil sounding, violent record. The production does drag it down a bit, but the songs are infectiously catchy and intense at the same time. It features (in my opinion) the greatest lineup of the Misfits. With the amazing Glenn Danzig on vocals, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein on power chord shredding duties, Jerry Only setting the fiendish tone on the bass, and ROBO thrashing on the drums, the Misfits seem unstoppable on this album. As always, Danzig's vocals are deep voiced, sinister, and catchy, but on songs like "Wolfs Blood", "Demonomania", and "Queen Wasp", he sounds quite angry. The guitar riffs are probably better than ever on Earth A.D., especially on (arguably the best misfits song of all time) "Die, Die my Darling". The guitar also has a lot of creepy sounding feedback as well, sounding like old rusty gates opening and closing. The sound on here is much more intense than previous Misfits albums, it sounds more thrashy and a little bit more metal influenced. The songs about B Horror movies are absent here, and the are replaced with violent humor and darker subjects more in the vein of Thrash Metal. The album artwork is cool looking too, especially the album cover. Earth A.D. is definitely not an album to overlook.

Strongest Songs: "Earth A.D.", "Demonomania", "Death Comes Ripping", "Die, Die my Darling", "Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight", "Queen Wasp"

Weakest Songs: "Hellhound"

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Am I the only person who thinks that the new Monarkh looks cool?

Killers has an awesome album cover

The Bad Brains used to kick ass live!

Could this video be any cheesier?

Oh my god, this song is great, but the music video is so bad its not even funny. ...When they all kick the air in unison though...

Misfits Hatebreeders

This song is stuck in my head right now.

7 Seconds... and many others

Metallica Disposable Heros live

Lamb of god has pretty cool artwork for a newer metal band

I would laugh so hard if this was real!

Minor Threat out of Step

This album cover is absolutely freaking great!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Announcement #5

Hello fellow humans. Here is my list of guitar covers season 3:

 Anthrax - Madhouse

Black Sabbath - Iron Man (the most cliche guitar song ever)

 Megadeth - Wake Up Dead

 Minor Threat - I Don't wanna hear it

 Misfits - Halloween

 TSOL - Superficial Love

 Thanks for reading, and don't forget to check for new posts every day!

" A Little Each Day"

"Die Die my Darling" and "Earth A.D."

The History of Megadeth artork in one photo

My Top 5 favorite hardcore/punk albums of all time

Honorable Mentions: 
Bad Brains: Self Titled 
Agnostic Front: One Voice
Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

#5: Suicidal Tendencies (self titled debut)
This album is a lot of fun to listen to. Mike Muir rants over things like Pepsi, Reagan, and subliminal messages. The guitar riffs are really awesome sounding, and the rhythm is not bad. One of my favorite things about this album is Mike Muir's psychopathic laugh in the intro to the album. My favorite songs on here are "Subliminal", "I Shot the Devil", "Institutionalized", and "Suicides an alternative". This album also is really groundbreaking for its time, because Suicidal combined metal-like guitar solos with punk-like lyrics and guitar riffs.

#4: Circle Jerks: Wonderful
Though many prefer the Circle Jerks' earlier albums, I like this one better, because the band was really well rehearsed and experienced by the time of this album. The songs are really quite hilarious, especially Keith Morris's lyrics in songs like "Wonderful", "Making the Bombs", and "American Heavy Metal Weekend". The guitar sound is a lot better than on previous Jerks albums, especially on the song "Karma Stew".
My favorite tracks on Wonderful are "Rock House", Making the Bombs", and "The Crowd". 

#3: Minor Threat: Complete Discography
As far as hardcore goes, Minor Threat have it all. Awesome kick-ass fast riffs, angry but smart vocals from Ian Mackaye, and consistent bass and drum lines. The intro song "Filler" is amazing, with an F-sharp power chord being played once before Mackaye screams the line "What happened to you! Your not the same! There's something in your head! Its made a violent change!". The lyrics on all of the songs on this collection are amazing and inspiring. My favorite songs on here are "I don't wanna hear it", "Straight Edge", "Filler" "In my eyes", "Look back and laugh", and "Screaming at a wall". 

#2: Black Flag: My War
This is probably the darkest album I own, and I love it. My War has Henry Rollins' best vocal performance on any Black Flag album, and Greg Ginn's guitar work is jazzy, but fast at the same time, making him one of the greatest punk guitarists of all time. Though many complain about this, the dark, musty production makes this album the way it is (in a great way). The A side is fast and (as opposed to the B side) bright. The B side is slow, dark, sludge metal that makes this album different from all other Black Flag albums. My favorite songs on My War are "Can't Decide", "My War", "Beat my head against the wall", "Three Nights", and "Scream".

#1: AFI: Shut Your Mouth and Open your Eyes
While this is also AFI's best album, Shut your mouth and open your eyes is my favorite punk album ever. You can literally feel the energy and anger flowing through the album's veins of screaming and shredding. The production is amazing for an underground album on small record label. The cover of "Today's Lesson" from the crust punk band filth is actually better than the original (and I don't even really like crust punk). The intro song is short and sweet, as the entire album is well.My favorite tracks on this album are "Keeping out of direct sunlight", "A single second", "Salt for your wounds", "pH Low", "Coin Return" and "Triple Zero".