Saturday, February 20, 2016

Top 5 AFI albums (Punk years)

#5:Answer That and Stay Fashionable
    AFI's debut album, this one was good, but had a couple of filler songs. The type of punk on this album is just straight up traditional fast and furious punk rock. This was the only one that wasn't all dark and serious, and had it's art concept based off of the film reservoir dogs. This is AFI's weakest punk album only because it seems to be lacking some anger, so this is more of a casual one, with more comical humor and less pure rage.
Best songs: Two of a Kind, Yurf Rendenmein, I Wanna get a Mohawk, High School Football Hero.

#4: Black Sails in the Sunset
    Black Sails in the sunset (also commonly abbreviated to Black Sails) was a fantastic album, with a gripping concept, good songs, and hooks. This is the album where AFI's sound started to mature (no, not like the  poppy mainstream crap on December underground or Crash Love). Davey Havok's Vocals are really great on this one two, he sounds a little bit more mellow on some parts, which was new to AFI at the time. This one has the perfect mix of darkness and Hardcore.
Best songs: The Prayer Position, Porphyria, The Last Kiss, At a Glance.

#3: The Art of Drowning
   This was the first one of AFI's studio albums that I got. There darker, more relaxed element in some parts of Black Sails in the sunset is more explored on this album. This was AFI's last punk album before turning mainstream, and this one was Flawless. Every song on this album is perfect, and the art and overall concept of this album are so cool its not even funny. This is also a great starter album for new AFI fans.
Best songs: The Lost souls, Of Greetings and Goodbyes, The Nephilim, Smile, Days of the Phoenix, Wester

#2: Very Proud of Ya
   This one is like Answer that and Stay Fashionable part two, Except everything is way better. The lyrics were way better (I think this was the only album where AFI sang about being straight edge), the guitar riffs were badass, and the overall presentation and sound sounded more like AFI. This is the first album where Havok really sounds angry. This one is mad, fast, and a fun ride.
Best songs: He who laughs last, File 13, Crop Tub, This secret Ninja, Perfect fit

#1: Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes
  I just don't know how to put it into words. This is AFI's angriest, most hardcore album. You can literally feel the energy and anger in the music with its amazing production. The artwork is dark too, with pictures of various demons and silhouettes. The lyrical content is good, and Havok's vocal performance is pissed off as hell. I would recommend this to ANYONE who gets enraged a lot. People are driving you crazy? Just put on some headphones with this album playing and just feel it. This is probably my favorite album of all time by any band of any genre.
Best songs: The Devil Loves You, A single second, Third season, Let it be Broke, pH Low,  Triple Zero, Today's Lesson, Three Seconds Notice.