Monday, February 22, 2016

Legacy of Brutality album review

   Hello humanity! So I decoded to start writing more rather than just posting pictures, so here I'm going to do an album review of my new misfits CD, but not a boring track by track. So lets get this show on the road!:

Album: Legacy of Brutality
Artist/Band: The Misfits
Rating: 9/10

    So I have wanted this album from the 'fits for a while, and now I finally got It! I really like it a lot, but there are some things about it that don't make it the greatest misfits album. In comparison to this record's counterpart with most of the same songs, static age wins (legacy of brutality and static age are two different versions of the same album, static age just has a few different songs, but the majority are the same) That certainly doesn't make this a bad album, however. The production by Glenn Danzig himself is bad, but it suits the album and makes it seem more halloween-ish. The drums are mixed way too loud with lots of reverb though.
    The opening tracks ("Static Age" and "TV Casualty") kind of sound exactly the same, but they are both really good. The third track is one of the greatest misfits songs of all time, "Hybrid Moments". The melody is so drawing in, and Danzig's vocals sound really good. Legacy of Brutality (ironically with it's title) has less violent humor than Static Age, but it still has some, like on the tracks "Spinal Remains" and "Theme for a Jackal". Another great track on this record is the campy "Halloween". Overall, this is such a fantastic album , and its not worth missing out on. If you are a new misfits fan, then I suggest you go to your local record store and get Static Age, Collection I, or Collection II for a better introduction to the amazing band from New Jersey.

Strongest Tracks: Hybrid Moments, Halloween, Some Kinda Hate,  Where eagles Dare, She, Who Killed Marilyn

Weakest Tracks (but not bad ones): Come Back, TV Casualty Spinal Remains