Friday, February 26, 2016

Lamb of God: As the Palaces Burn Album Review

Hey readers! So yesterday As the Palaces Burn finally came in the mail (I ordered it online about a week ago). Now Ima review it.

 Album: As the Palaces Burn
 Band: Lamb of God
 Genre: Extreme Metal
 Rating: 8.9/10

  Many regard either this album, or Ashes of the Wake as the best LoG album. I got both to compare, and I think I prefer Ashes just because it is longer and has more musical complexity. This one is almost just as good, however. Packed with raw carnage and intensity, this is easily LoG's darkest and most intense post-Burn the Priest (LoG were originally a death metal band known as Burn the Priest) album. Many of the songs on here seem to make you want to create a massive circle pit with your nearby friends and family. The closing track, "Vigil" is a fantastic track to cool off during after the intense thrash of the last 9 tracks. The opening song, "Ruin" is an amazingly energetic, awesome opener that is an essential LoG classic. To sum it all up, this is (in my opinion) LoG's 2nd best album, and it is the best album of their underground era before Ashes of the Wake.

Best Songs: Ruin, As the Palaces Burn, Blood Junkie, Vigil, A devil in God's country, 11th hour

Worst songs: There actually aren't any on here! :)